Best waterfront properties on Lake LBJ

About Lake LBJ Partners

Lake LBJ Partners has more than three decades of experience buying and selling homes on Lake LBJ. Here are some of the key measures of our success which, of course, translates into our buyers’ and sellers’ success:

  • No. 1 in market share: Top selling team on Lake LBJ over the past 10 years, with 35% to 40% of the market, with more than 700 homes sold and over $1 Billion in sales.
  • Best Listings on the Lake: Many of our sales are pre-MLS and other properties that never hit the MLS, thus we can provide unique opportunities for buying.
  • Connected to the community on the lake: Sold out the major subdivisions on Lake LBJ, including The Legends, Enclave, Colina Cove, The Ranch, The Harbors, Clearwater Landing, and Clearwater Harbor.
  • Experienced developers: Developed and sold out our own subdivisions and waterfront homes.
  • World-class teams: We have builder/partners who continue to work with us to supply the highest quality new homes on the water each year, so if building your own is your desire, we have the best sources-local, Austin, and San Antonio.
  • Great network: We have sources for handling the unique variables of owning waterfront properties including boat dock issues, bulkheads, septic system compliance, etc.
  • Strong rental knowledge base: First to start waterfront vacation rentals over 20 years ago with our affiliate so we know where you can do it and how to set this up.
  • Well resourced: Own a Marina in Horseshoe Bay.

We are undoubtedly your best partner for either selling or buying on Lake LBJ. No other agency can claim this level of sales, development, and building on Lake LBJ.

We are three experienced agents and a broker, sharing equally in representing you as a client, in all proceeds and expenses. We give you the best service and will find you a property that meets all your desires for the best price/value.

Why not choose the best in experience, success, and knowledge?

We are ready to assist you.

Dave Hudson
Greg McDonnell
Conrad Vernon